Welcome home

From a recent dinner conversation with friends from Japan. One topic came to mind which we (at least for me) take it for granted.

In the countless number of Japanese dramas I plough through since I was 21 in Los Angeles, California, I have always been fascinated by the Japanese greetings below and wonder why we don't have the same in Singapore:

A:  Tadaima.  (I'm home.)
B:  Okaerinasai. (Welcome back or welcome home.)
Every time someone comes home, these brief greetings are exchanged. 

After a hard day's of work or a tiring business trip, coming home to family and/or friends and greeted with "Welcome home" is indeed a nice warm feeling. 

May all of you take a moment to greet your loved ones some, if not all of the time.

Thank you for all your birthday wishes today and to my friends who share the same birthday, "Happy birthday!" 

Happy Thanksgiving and welcome home wherever you are.

~ My own version of "Okaerinasai"