Machine Learning in VCs

VCs will be using more machine learning technology to source and process deals going forward:

  • Spot market gaps and trends. Avoid missing any opportunities, meet companies earlier to build relationships
  • Better portfolio management (tracking and follow-on financing and exit planning)
  • Match co-investors to new investments and portfolio follow on rounds
  • Competitor intelligence
  • Find potential acquirers and IPOs - exit planning
  • More accurate pricing/valuation models
  • Predict likelihood of startup success (shut down, raise next round, IPO/trade sale etc.)
  • People database, traits of potential founders

If you are interested to discuss about this or share what you are doing around this topic, please email me, I love to chat with you.

Reference Links - Nice read to see what the future might look like

List of VCs that employ machine learning to their deal process

Google Ventures
WR Hambrecht+Co/Growth Science
Balderton Capital
Tribe Capital
Project A
Hone Capital
InReach Ventures
Fly Ventures
Correlation Ventures
EQT Ventures
645 Ventures