Three Reasons Why Nations Whisper in Wonder at the Scarcity of Large Venture Capital FDI

In Southeast Asia's vibrant venture capital and startup landscape, a transformation echoes through the realms of enterprise software and deep technology as they descend upon us. As we embark on this new era, nations, both burgeoning and mature, ponder deeply on nurturing startups that reach for the stars. The venture funding sphere, once a bastion of bold dreams, now yearns for revolutionary creations and teams with global aspirations.

Reflecting upon this, I have discerned three pearls of findings:

First, the Luminance of Product and Technology:

In an age where only the extraordinary captivates, a startup's product or intellectual property (IP)/technology must not just innovate but shine among the global elite. This shift towards top-tier innovation resonates with trends favouring enterprise and deep technology.

Second, The Founding Team's Odyssey Beyond Borders:

The spirit of the founding team is pivotal. In a world without borders, founders must carry belief, confidence, and courage to journey globally. This international vision is the heartbeat of venture capitalists seeking market disruptors.

Third, The Art of Skill and Global Canvas:

The founding team's mastery in global expansion is crucial. Skills in international storytelling, team building, and capital raising form the fabric of their venture. Success is increasingly measured by the global footprint and international business acumen.

As we conclude, remember that in the universe's grand dance, every venture has its place. The pursuit of large venture capital FDI is a journey through an ocean of possibilities.

Echoing Rumi, "You were born with wings, why prefer to crawl through life?" Startups and nations must realize their potential to soar in the global market. Let this understanding uplift them toward horizons of success and innovation.