Learning to code

As we all know in our little technology startup sector that there is a serious shortage of good talent. It is becoming apparent out here in Southeast Asia and likely will get worse if the region improves as an ecosystem.

At Golden Gate Ventures, we like to think we operate with a down to earth hacker culture (we are also launching several internal software products that scratches our own itch very soon). With our involvement in Super Happy Dev House, and Founder Institute Singapore, the need to train more people who can built stuff gave birth to Startup Academy.

As such, I will be embarking on a journey to pick up coding (again), and I will be detailing my journey on a wiki (powered by Padlet). The ultimate dogfooding. You can read about my motivations, projects, on-going research on programming courses (online, offline and hybrid) and my views on them as I hobble humbly along. 

Wish me luck and if you are kind enough to reach out to help me when I get stuck, please let me know. Eternally grateful.

[Startup Academy's 2nd run of our programming courses are accepting applications now!]

We should have our own version of the video below.